Your EFL Classroom for Young Learners:

New Environment

Online Teachers’ Workshop

25 August 2020

15:00-18:00 (UTC+03:00)

About the event
We invite you to join our online workshop with English language teachers from Russia and other countries who are involved with teaching Young Learners.

The conference language is ENGLISH.

Registration is FREE.

This session will cover the practical issues that EFL teachers of Young Learners are facing in today’s changing world:

The importance of multisensory language teaching to children.
Ideas to effectively teach Young EFL Learners remotely (online)
Suggestions that can be adapted when teaching multisensory content online, no matter the size of the group.

You are welcome to ask your questions during the session when we talk on the following issues:

Multisensory Language Teaching to Young Learners

Planning your EFL online lessons for Young Learners

Master-class on making 4 most useful props for your EFL lessons with Young Learners

Speakers and topics
Lesley White, Letterland Director of training, UK.

Multisensory Language Teaching to Young Learners

Introducing Letterland and its multisensory approach based on our Fix-it Phonics material.
Focusing on the multisensory component and using the example of one of the letter characters Lesley will explore some practical ideas about how to make learning fun whether you teach in the classroom setting or in a remote, virtual context and how to connect that teaching with ideas parents can support at home.

Lesley White, Director of training at Letterland International, for many years has been working closely with the author of Letterland - Lyn Wendon and has led the international training of trainers and teachers at Letterland. Lesley conducts dozens of hands-on training sessions and meetings with EFL teachers in different countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa every year, both offline and online.
Oksana Yaverbaum, Letterland representative in Russia and teacher-trainer, Moscow - the host of this workshop.

Planning your EFL online lessons for Young Learners

Letterland’s use of characters transfers abstract alphabet shapes into human-like figures and taps into a wide range of attention-holding strategies to help capture all children’s imagination and motivate their learning no matter if you conduct your lessons in class or online. Our teachers have proved that.

However, online teaching has its differences and challenges vs teaching in a classroom setting. Oksana will share tips and ideas for practical online lessons for Young Learners starting with its planning.

Oksana Yaverbaum, Completing MA in theory of literature at UNISA Oksana taught at South African primary school. Now an authorised Letterland International teacher trainer for Russia, she runs workshops, online courses for teachers and parents, teaches EFL to young learners at a private school in Moscow. See Oksana’s publications on ELT teaching for both Russian and international journals here.

Olga Lavrenova, EFL teacher with 20+ years of experience, Voronezh.

Master-class on making 4 most useful props for your EFL lessons with Young Learners

Olga will share ideas for props that our team of experienced teachers recommends to prepare for your work with Young Learners.

These props are easy to make and you will learn how useful they can be both in a classroom setting and in online teaching.

Olga Lavernova
An English teacher with 20+ years classroom experience, Olga holds PhD in Philology, CAE, TKT certificates. Olga is also an organizer of online conferences for teachers at Center OLYMPUS SUCCESS (Voronezh) as well as the Founder of the ABCLand Language Club, Olga has been a Letterland teacher since 2017.

Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Teachers teach best when they are enjoying themselves too.
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